Selling a home is a major decision. If you wish to get the best price, you need to invest a lot of time and energy into the selling process. There is a lot of preparation involved, but the efforts can be worthwhile in the massive returns you can get out of your investment. Here are some interesting and useful tips to help you sell your home in the best possible way.

Research about the local housing market

It is necessary to talk to people in your area and also browse various major real estate websites in order to find the actual pricing of homes similar to yours in the locality that you live in. Lots of major newspapers list the asking and selling prices of houses that have recently been sold, along with the time span for which they have been listed in the market for. Check the local papers and find out the prices of homes in your area for the last 6 months. You can get a fair idea about how much your home is worth.

Choose an agent

Although selling a home without an agent can save 6% of fees, you can get a lot of assistance from them. The sale of a house involves a lot of marketing, negotiations and paperwork and an agent can help you with the same. Ask for referrals from neighbors and friends before hiring an agent. Interview the agent and ask him about what the selling price of your house is likely to be. Check whether his thoughts match your research. Stay away from agents who speak of a very higher price.

Get informed about the Commission Structure

Once you find a good agent, sign a proper listing agreement. It is nothing but a contract which lays down the specific points, such as the period for which the agent will represent your property, his fees for the same and other important information.

Make Preparations for an Open House

Irrespective of whether you have hired an agent or selling a home as its owner, you have to make sure that your house is suitable for showing to potential buyers. Prepare your home by de-cluttering it, cleaning it up, painting it and repairing the flaws before showing it to prospective buyers.

Time it right

Finally, it is important to sell your home at the right time. Have your agent review the contingency that comes with bids. Get guidance from agents on how to make responses to bids.

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