Research has shown that a house, when staged properly with furniture, tends to sell much quicker and at a higher price than homes which are un-staged. Staging is an essential part of selling a home and can significantly increase the selling prices of homes by making the interior look more inviting to prospective buyers. This is nothing but rearranging your existing furniture in a way that can show your home in the best possible light. Read and know how to get a staged home to sell faster with these tips.

Go for a neutral arrangement

Although it can be very tempting to stage your home in a way that expresses your individuality, it is not a good idea to do so. You should try a classy yet neutral positioning, so that potential buyers can walk easily from one room to another and find the interior to be well-lit and attractive. Avoid very modern designs and too vibrant colors, and stay away from over-the-top arrangements.

Concentrate on the important rooms

If you intend to rent furniture to deck up your vacant home, make sure that your focus is on the important spaces. Considering that staged home sell faster, you should focus more on the rooms that are most important – such as the master bedroom, living room and kitchen. Do not spend on hiring too many furniture for non-essential rooms, as buyers will envision their life in your home primarily on the feel that they get from the main rooms.

Create a video

If you live in the home and will be vacating it, it is a good idea to make a proper video of your home with all your furniture sets in it before they are removed. This will allow you to save expenses on renting furniture, and you can show the video to prospective buyers when they come on visits.

Remove unnecessary furniture

Remember that staged home sell faster when it is presented in the best possible way. Keep in mind that you will be trying to sell your home and not show buyers a glimpse of your personal life. Remove all unnecessary furniture and keep them in the basement or some other non-essential room or even pack them away to another home. Keep minimum furniture which would be enough to make buyers understand how their living arrangement would be like. Do not annoy them with excessive furniture sets that would hinder entry of light into the rooms.

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